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Latest release: 2022-07-18 (based on KEGG 103.0) — See Release Notes

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The Becker Medical Library currently hosts and manages a local mirror of the KEGG database for academic use by the Washington University community. Funding for the site license is made possible through a joint partnership of the Center for Genome Sciences & Systems Biology and the McDonnell Genome Institute.

The master Kyoto KEGG FTP site can be accessed directly while on campus, but the connection is extremely slow and can be unreliable.

You can learn more about KEGG at the main site.


The KEGG versions made available on this site will be updated every other month with the two most recent versions being maintained.

If you need a version of KEGG that is more recent than what is available here, please contact Maze Ndukum, Senior Support Scientist at Becker Medical Library.

* Do not rely on this site for outdated versions of KEGG. Please store your own copy for long term availability.

Previous Releases

KEGG 2022-05-16 (tar.gz - 184 GB)
Based on Release 102.0

Available Upon Request

  • KEGG 2022-03-21 (Release 102.0)
  • KEGG 2022-01-24 (Release 101.0)
  • KEGG 2021-11-15 (Release 100.0)
  • KEGG 2021-09-20 (Release 99.1)
  • KEGG 2021-07-19 (Release 99.0)
  • KEGG 2021-05-24 (Release 98.1)

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